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5 Alternative Energy Stocks for 2011

NEW YORK (TheStreet) Analysts expect ReneSola (SOL), Suntech Power (STP), Trina Solar (TSL), Yingli Green Energy Holding Company (YGE), and JA Solar Holdings (JASO)to see upsides in a operation of 20%-99% during 2011.

In comparison, integrated oil and gas majors Exxon Mobil (XOM), Total (TOT), BP (BP), ConocoPhillips (COP), and Chevron (CVX)have upsides in a operation of -4% to 16% according to a accord estimates of 12-month aim prices.

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The U.S. administration recently extended subsidies for solar and breeze projects underneath a Treasury Grant Program, a renouned inducement for renewable appetite projects. The program, scheduled to end on Dec 31, was deliberate an critical aegis for a choice appetite attention during a recession. The U.S. government's pierce will waken a tellurian renewable appetite market, contend analysts.

Industry analysts trust that a sector's long-term prospects are intact. According to Clean Edge, a investigate and advisory organisation dedicated to a purify appetite sector, annual revenues for a tellurian solar, wind, and biofuels sectors we're around $125 billion during 2008 and grew to around $145 billion in 2009, notwithstanding a tellurian mercantile slowdown.

Clean Edge estimates revenues from a 3 sectors during around $343.4 billion within a subsequent decade with solar photovoltaic revenues flourishing from a stream $36 billion to $117 billion, while a biofuels shred could swell from $45 billion to $113 billion, and breeze appetite from $64 billion to $114 billion.

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