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So, How Stimulated has the Stimulus Package Stimulated Your Investments? Probably Not Much!

If you are living and breathing today, and an adult in the work place, there is simply no way possible you do not know what is going on in the economy. You either have a job, or you dont. If you have one, chances are you're worried about losing it. With the ripple effects of what's going on in the economy, every company, every person, is potentially not immune from coming in one day with their double-latte in hand only to get a pink slip, or hear their department or division is being cut.

Thats how it seems to be going. Not one or two layoffs, but huge divisions of companies we'd never think possible would ever go out of business are going out of business.

Unless you've just awakened from a 50-year cryogenic freeze, you couldn't possibly not know what is happening or feel what is going on in the market. And, if you did just thaw out, you'd probably want to crawl right back into your state of sub-zero frost-bite for another round of freezer burn and wake up when the presidents stimulus package kicks in.

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Repairing Roads or Building Bridges Stimulus Package is Good for You

Speaking of the stimulus package, so, unless you work for the government and are repairing roads, or building bridges, or buying furniture for a government building, has anyone really felt the trickle down effect of the trillion bucks that's floating around out there? I can tell you I have not, nor have I met anyone who has. Nevertheless, stimulus-rattling aside, facts are facts and unemployment is now all ready at 20-year highs and approaching double digits with frightening velocity.

Things Aint so Great Out There Everyones Getting Crushed

Where does this lead us? Sadly, into big-time defaults. No job equals no check, and no check means no moola to pay bills. Among first to not get paid are the credit cards, then car loans and of course the mortgage. In case your ears are still filled with water from thawing from your cryogenic freeze, foreclosures are at the highest point ever in virtually every part of the country, except from the time of the Great Depression, and even compared to that, given benchmarks for timeline comparisons, I'd say many Americans are up the big creek without a paddle.

Plumber Joe Gets it Right

Vice President Jo Biden made it pretty clear that Plumber Jo could have done a better job analyzing this economy, when he saidwe misread how bad the economy was. Really, ya think so, Joe? The Veep followed with an equally poignant statement by saying, did the economic package we put in place, including the Recovery Act, is it the right package given the circumstances we're in? Well, if he's questioning the act and the expenditure of a trillion bucks, what the heck are we lonely working stiffs down here, who aren't fixing roads or bridges, to think?

Go Ahead, Print Mo Money, Why Not, it's Only Paper

Aside from those government guys on the side of the road reaping in stimulus bennies, the only others to really feel it are the printing guys. You know the ones over at the Federal Reserve, the folks with stained fingers and dirty aprons getting overtime to print all that damn money. And why wouldn't they print all that paper, cause that's all it is, is paper. You can hear them mumbling now, Sure well print more money for your bonds, and they must be laughing around the water cooler thinking, oh sure, they can pay all this paper back with sure as death interest rates. Chuckle chuckle, oh, time to reload the paper, gotta run another stack of nearly worthless paper cash.

The National Debt, Its out of Control

I can hear Regis Philbin now talking about the economy, as he leans in toward the camerathe national debt, it's out of control. And ya know what, he wouldn't be wrong either. Were racking up a high roller tab, that's virtually not payable. But who cares it's just our children and grandchildren left holding the bag.We have printed over a trillion dollars already. Inflation will ultimately rear it's ugly head.

Convert your Paper Assets to Precious Metals Gold and Silver Now

There is only one way out of this mess, and it's not by printing paper, it's by owning true precious assets, assets of classic and traditional value precious metals, both gold and silver. This is the life preserver for todays financial crisis. Look, paper is paper, we have seen a perfect storm of variables eating away at the worth of that paper. The ridiculous printing of money becoming less valuable by the day, week, month; hyperinflation is around the corner, unemployment is not going away any time too soon. Confidence in our economy is as low as it's ever been and not likely to improve for heck, who knows when.

There is only one thing that is worth anything, and it's that same thing that is worth the very same value anywhere at any time in the world, and that's precious metals -gold and silver. An ounce of gold or silver is an ounce of gold or silver mostly anywhere on the planet and worth pretty much the same no matter where you are. Go ahead, take your paper money anywhere and see what you get for it, or how much you can buy with it, or cash it out for. Guaranteed, it's not the same as gold or silver. Never has, never will be.

Gold and Silver Should be Part of Your Investment Strategy

This is why that as an investor, it is essential to include precious metals, gold and silver in your portfolio. And to be perfectly honest, right now is the best time to make gold or silver part of your investment strategy. Between the two, gold and silver, right now silver is the smart play, the very volatility of silver makes it the right item to buy.

Prediction: Silver Achieves 29-Year High by 1st Quarter 2010

This investment adviser believes that by the end of 1st quarter 2010, silver will take out the recent 29 year high of 20 dollars per ounce (set last mach). But before we get there be prepared for an up and down ride, summer typically is a case of low volume and high volatility, which by the way, lends itself to the perfect storm scenario for a 3 dollar retracement. As we know the keys to successful investing are buy low and sell high, but remember, you can't sell high if you don't first buy low.

Hows Your Stocks, Bonds and 401K Doing? Probably Not that Good!

We have an Investment Strategy Idea for You

Dont sit idly by and watch inflation eat up your hard earned money. Oh, by the way, hows your stocks and bonds portfolio been doing these past few years, and oh yeah, how about your 401K? Sorry, did I just make you sick? Probably, because the answer is probably none of them did well at all. Thats because all it is is a paper-based asset. There is one way to begin making it better, now is the time to purchase gold and silver. Just take a look at how these precious metals have done these past few years. I believe the word phenomenal comes to mind. This is the point and that's why it is time to act right now.

Smart Investors Make Precious Metals 10%-15% of their Investment Portfolio

Do the research, ask the what if questions, and protect your family and your assets. At the end of the day no matter what your allocation to precious metals of gold and silver turn out to be, it must not be zero. All of the smartest investors agree that at a minimum, precious metals should represent at least 10 15% of your investment portfolio. If you do not own any precious metals, now is a great time to take a good look at this classically valuable asset that can provide great security and wealth for you and your family.

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