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How to get more traffic, quite a broad question

How to get more traffic, quite a broad question but in this post I am going to go over some of the sources that can help you in getting more traffic to your website. In the future I will go more into detail covering specific techniques or utilizing sites or methods from these sources. Almost everyone assumes Google is the best option, while often times it is but you should rely on other sources of traffic as well. And depending on the niche of your blog or website sometimes Search engine traffic might not be the best for you.

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#1 Search Engines (SEO)

The big daddy of targeted traffic, this is usually the most sought after type of traffic source. When people need to find something on the web, what do they think of utilizing? But thanks to Google updates so often you might find more and more webmasters trying different approaches to getting traffic so all of their efforts are not placed on one source of traffic. To get traffic from search engines you will need proper on page and off page optimization for your website. which is more easier said than done for most people. Another important aspect that should probably even come before this is choosing the right keywords. No sense in ranking for a keyword if it does not relate to your content, you will find visitors popping into your website and popping out quicker than they can see most of your website which will put a damper on your rankings. I could go on all day about SEO but ill keep it short for now.

Here are some key notes in getting Search Engine Traffic:

  • On Page Optimization
  • Building Backlinks (off page optimization)
  • Keyword Research
  • Proper anchor text usage off page (avoid over optimization)
  • Finding High authority backlinks
  • Good content

#2 Social Networks

Who is not aware of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? I am not sure on the facts but in the U.S. I am pretty sure these are the top 3 social networking sites. So if you haven't learned the ropes of making use of them already you should start learning each one by one. Each one has a unique way of being used so you will find you can use all of them in conjunction. If you do not find yourself to be a "social person" it is best to at least act like you are one. The amount of traffic you can get from these networks can be huge if you use them properly, the key is the more "friends" you have the greater exposure you and your website will have.

Just with SEO you will find all types of software, courses, guides, blogs and services to help people get the most out of social networking. I place this one just behind SEO but people will argue this fact. I think both methods that I covered thus far you can place equal importance on and both should be utilized to get traffic.

Here are some key notes on Social Networks:

  • Fill out your social profiles FULLY
  • Customize everything in your profile
  • Join conversations that relate to you
  • Post updates, photos, videos anything that will help your cause
  • Avoid sensitive discussions (you don't want a bad name)
  • Soak up everything you can, there are guides and many great blogs to teach you social networking
  • Lastly be SOCIAL!

#3 Community Forums

You can find community forums on almost any topic at all, these can also bring in extra traffic if you utilize them properly. The only downside is generally it is not passive traffic, which means the less recent posts you have the less traffic you will get. Almost every forum will have a signature you can input, these are the little text at the bottom that you can see when you make a post and in the signatures you can usually insert 1-3 links. If you utilize your signature links correctly you will get more visitors than you would with a bad choice of anchor texts. Never use these for SEO purposes, I repeat never use exact match keyword phrases with hopes of improving your keywords for SEO. For one if you post a lot you are increasing the keyword usage in your link profile, and #2 you will have tons of links coming from the same domain so avoid this.

With that said, join into discussions on forums and write meaningful posts. If you are creative with it you can make posts that help people out, taking the extra time can mean the difference between no traffic and a ton of it for weeks. I have seen people who write guides in forums that got stickied, this means tons of people we're reading it now just think how many people would click that guy's signature link. Overall though just be natural on these forums don't keep posting with the thought in mind just to get traffic and it will work out well.

Here are some key notes for Community forums:

  • Again fill out your profile the best you can
  • Include your signature links and keywords
  • Find relevant forums for your blog or website
  • Join in or create new discussions, frequency is the key
  • Create helpful guides or tips for better result
  • Make a name for yourself

#4 Online Advertising

For advertising generally you will need money so it might not be the best choice if you are just starting out, but if you have good content or landing pages depending on your goal with the advertising it can convert well. There are quite a few ways of advertising the first that comes to mind is pay per click, generally I would only suggest using this option if you have the potential to earn money with your conversions. If you fail to setup your campaign properly you can end up losing money so ensure you have someone or know what your doing before taking this route. You can find plenty of opportunities for web banners and text links for advertising on 3rd party sites, generally these are a monthly fee. But if you can find a website where the visitors would be a good match for your own site it can be a great choice for extra traffic and you can find banner advertising as cheap as $5 a month.

It is also important to setup an opt in widget for your visitors, whether you want them to sign up for your newsletter, updates or offer them something free like an e-book this is a great way for future list advertising I recommend Aweber for this. Once they sign up you can send out weekly emails to people on your list to improve returning traffic and boost your income. Another option if you do not have a list already is solo ads, generally these are used to promote products or services so you can earn income but if you have a landing page for your solo advertisement on your website often times you can earn new readers for your site.

Here are some notes to help you with Online Advertising

  • Most options will cost you money
  • PPC should be setup properly the free $50 adwords is a good start
  • Banner advertising can be a good low cost option
  • Ensure to have a good banner design
  • Search around for ad networks, facebook, stumbleupon and reddit all have advertising options
  • Test things out, if they convert well keep improving and using that method

#5 Offline Marketing and Promotion

Since offline marketing can vary greatly from business to business I could go on into great detail on some methods but I want to stick with the most popular ideas.If you have a website or blog that focuses on a local audience offline marketing can be almost as important as SEO if done correctly. Even in some cases offline marketing might be one of the only ways of promotion if there are no options for a popular search term in the search engines for your website. Offline marketing will take some resources and funds to do properly, one of the first obvious ways are utilizing local newspapers. Advertising in the local newspaper can be quite affordable depending on where you are located, taking out a classified ad or even a larger ad somewhere in the newspaper can attract attention. Cold calling might suit your business as well, if you aren't great at making sales calls you can hire someone at affordable rates. Its worth trying cold calling a week or two to see what kind of response you get, sometimes certain types of businesses well have greater success than others.

Here are some more ideas on Offline Marketing

  • See if an offline Referral program will suit your business
  • For blogs an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper is the obvious choice
  • Snail Mail Marketing, send out letters or advertisements.
  • Get Business Cards or flyers give them out at a local mall or Department store
  • MMO niches (making money online) I see people putting business cards at ATMs and Telephone booths
  • Be Creative In Your Efforts

Besides these five techniques they are many ways how to get more traffic for your website or blog. Although i can't cover everything in one post. There are a lot of sites that are a mixture of SEO and for targeted traffic that will help you out quite a bit one that comes to mind are social bookmarking sites and web 2.0 sites like reddit but again these can fall under SEO. I will be covering more areas to help you guys out for website whether for SEO or increase the income you make from your website or blog.

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