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The Six Essentials of an Effective HR Manager

Human resource is one of the most important parts of a companys overall strategy. After all it is the HR who acts as an interface between the company and it's existing as well as prospective employees. Attracting top talents and retaining them in the company is dependent a lot on the HR practices of that organization.

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A top requirement of an organization to move ahead in the right direction is to have a dedicated and hard working workforce. And who exactly is responsible for hiring this workforce? Yes, you guessed it right. The HR people.

In the current times, the HR professionals are as much responsible for managing the overall strategy of the organization as any other important division such as the product development or marketing. The employees are the biggest asset of an organization and should be managed as such that they feel like that. While being a good manager sounds easy enough, it actually is a tough job and requires special efforts, and skills. Good managers are those who are adept at bringing the best out of their team. However small is contribution of the employee, a good manager will always make sure that the employee ends up feeling like a vital part of the team.

HR Professional

Well, to be real, there is no miracle formula to be a goof HR manager. It is actually mix of several qualities and actions that contribute towards the effectiveness of the HR role. Below are listed some of them:


A HR manager should be organized. He or she should approach every task in an orderly fashion. Since you will be in charge of peoples career and professional life, there is a very little scope of errors. Being organized makes sure that everything remains as accurate as possible.


This is an indispensable quality to have if you are pursuing a HR job. On any given day, you will be dealing with a number of tasks such as addressing personal grievances of employees, handling training and orientation programs of new hires, conducting interview of prospective employees and creating reports amongst others. All these are critical tasks and until you are able to handle each of them with equal ease and accuracy, your work won't get the due appreciation.


Qualities of a HR Manager

Although as a HR manager you shouldn't allow your personal equations come in way of effective delivery of your professional duties, that doesn't mean that you are to be completely devoid of any emotion. In fact, empathy is a quality that every HR professional should have. Employees consider hum resource guys as the ultimate resort for each of their grievances. There are times when there is very little you can do to improve the situation but you can at least share the views and concerns of the employees so as to make them feel that their voice hasn't gone unheard.


HR managers are the keepers of a lot of confidential information of the company. Since you serve the needs of the top management, it is to be made sure you never ever divulge the confidential information to any unauthorized person as it can have serious ramifications for you and for the company as well.


In a multi-cultural work environment, which has hundreds of employees all coming from different walks of life, there is every possible chance of a dispute or conflict happening, every now and then. As a HR manager, you will have to don the hat of a conflict manager in such situations. Its a tough task alright, but no one said that the road on which HR people treads will be a bed of roses.


HR with Good Communication Skills

Last but not the very least, communication is one skill which no HR professional can do without, leave alone a manager. In the capacity of a manager you will have to communicate with the upper management on daily basis, reach out to potential employees, and also communicate with the existing employees of every level. Thats why every job description of a HR manager would read loud and clear, exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

Besides these essential qualities, a person who intends to work in managerial position ought to be an out-of-the-box thinker and logical in his conclusions.

Do you think you have it in you? If the answer is in affirmative an employment opportunity as HR manager awaits you.


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