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Hi Guys, I've just heard that the latest stats have been released from Google in relation to the uptake of Mobile devices and how we use these devices to interract with the internet and the world around us. The numbers that we are seeing bandies about concerning social media and the internet are enough to make your head hurt, but the scary thing is that they are real numbers which is scary and exciting all at the same time lol.

Anyway, the fact is that times are a changing and we as marketers and business owners can no longer afford to ignore the change, in fact the fundamental shift in the way that people are communicating and behaving.

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I read recently that there are now more mobile phones in existence than there are people on the planet and the way that people are using these devices is something that business owners need to understand

HOW are we accessing the net in 2012 ? WHEN are we accessing it ? WHAT are we doing when we ARE accessing the net on our Mobile devices ? What kind of sites do we visit ? What ACTIONS do we take once we have been on the net ? etc

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