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The Day After Updated!

I'm feeling much better this afternoon. No pain inside of my throat, just on the outside of my neck, as though I we're severely bruised. I have a bit of a headache and achy body, too, but I can live with this.

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When my doctor came in this morning, he informed me that my calcium level was lower than expected, so that means more tests, and higher doses of calcium, at least for the time being. He'll be watching calcium levels for some time. While the cancer itself is cured with surgery, thyroid hormone replacement therapy is a fact of life now, with monitoring and testing for the rest of my days.

Taking meds will be a constant reminder of the grace that has recently been poured out on my life.

Tiring now. More later today.

4:30 p.m.

Another blood draw for calcium level before doc comes back in after office hours. Then he'll let me know if I can go home tonight. The staff here is so awesome thatI really wouldn't mind if I had to stay if I knew that hubby would be comfortable. But he's not. The recliner is not so good for his back. I've been blessed with a private room, too, so all of the comings and goings of nurses and techs hasn't bothered anyone else.

I've been able to eat whatever I like today, at whatever time I want. That kind of surprised me. Can you tell that I haven't been in a hospital lately? Used to be that everybody got fed at the same time.

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Invaluable Sources - Thank you so much for the late-night work Theo.

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