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Is there a difference between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals? So is there? Well to put it plain and simple, of course there is! Its important to know the difference between the two as well because, it's a vital thing to know when or if a scrap metal dealer springs this question upon you you must know which type it is and it's purely for recycling purposes and as a plus, it's not that complicated either.

What are Ferrous Metals then?

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These types of metals are those which contain traces of iron but aren't exactly, full of iron. They can also be a mixture of other metals or elements but all kinds of ferrous metals will definitely contain some form of iron which is why they have that magnetic feel to them, which we've always wondered as a child I certainly did anyway! They are unfortunately very highly prone to corrosion or rust and this is when the bike chain; for example, it gets soaked one day and it rusts up it's a hard decision to make though. Ferrous metals contain some of the biggest names in the metal business, including different types of steel such as stainless and cast iron both are very heavy and solid metals.

And Non-Ferrous Metals?

As I'm sure you have already figured it out, they are the opposite of ferrous metals, but there's a bit more you should know which is vital in differentiating between the two. These metals contain no iron whatsoever and do not have any magnetic effects, nor are they prone to corrosion they are highly resistant actually. These types of metals include raw materials and are sometimes known as pure metals. Anything from aluminium, copper, lead and tin fall into the non-ferrous category.

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