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4 Habits of Excellence

Below are some of the ideas that I have always used and it was great to be reminded of them. And since I have no desire to be a perpetual job hunterThey are useful for building your business as well.

Habit #1 - Be ready for your moment - When you have an opportunity to present your business or opportunity, are you ready? Do you stumble over your words? Do you shy away from talking about the money that you make? If you are not prepared to discuss what you are in business for and what you can do to help the individual or are definitely missing out.

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Habit # 2 - Schedule thinking time - If you don't don't grow. I know a lot of people focus on building up your attitude but if you do not have the skills and knowledge to succeed then you are DOOMED. (Sorry, didn't mean to mess with your attitude:)

Habit # 3 - Schedule non-thinking time - If you have a family you probably already know the benefits of sitting by the pool or some comfortable place and not doing anything. (My kids call it chllaxin) Please schedule your chillaxin!

Habit # 4 - Dont let anyone talk you out of achieving your dreams - Dreaming is magnificent. Even the bad dreams seem to have something in them that nudges you to action. When someone tries this (and they will) Just tell themhow awful it will be not having them around when you achieve your dreams! (With a smile of course)

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