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3 Tips On How Sales People Get You To Buy

My last 2 years in real estate has really opened my eyes. Not only can sales help you achieve financial goals. It also helps you recognize when people are trying to sell you. I absolutely cannot stand high pressure sales. Real Estate is more of a consultant business. Real estate agents actively sell ourselves to people on why they should use us. Once people decide to use us, we are in consultant mode. I guide a client to achieve their goals.

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Here are a few pointers so you'll be better prepared for a high pressure sale.

1. The sales person insists on getting water, coffee or a soda for you.

To make you feel "comfortable." It's actually a method to establish rapport. Dr. Cialdini in his book "Influence: The 6 Principles of Persuasion" explores the studies on the principle of RECIPROCITY. Essentially if I give you a gift you'll feel inclined to give me a gift back. We've been ingrained that this is a norm in society. You'll start to feel like "hey, this person isn't so bad."

2. You find that your answering all of the questions.

In order to have control over the conversation. You must be the one asking the questions. Although questions may be helpful in certain matters. And they appear to be out of curiosity. An experienced salesperson will know the right questions to ask. So that they may guide the conversation to a close with the information they gather. You need to be prepared with your own set of questions.

3. Consistency, this is another principle from Dr. Cialdini's book.

Not only will an experienced sales person ask you questions. They'll set questions up that have only one answer: yes. Here is an example, "Mr. Seller you're looking to sell your house for absolute top dollar correct? Well duh! If I could guarantee 2 things, one your house would sell and two that it would sell for more money bottom line than any other way. And that's with or without and agent. Would you at least want to hear about it? Yeah sure. Ok, would Thursday at 5 or Friday at 4 work better for you?"

Now of course your committed now, you want to hear how I'll sell your house for top dollar. Now this isn't a lie, I really do know how to sell it for top dollar. This isn't a fake guarantee. When I present my pricing plan people love it. This is a technique to get in the door and show you how I do business.

I like doing a good job for my clients. But simply saying I'm going to do a good job you should hire me, doesn't get me in the door. I'll get beat out by people that pay thousands of dollars for marketing. That's not to say they won't do a good job, but I have to compete.

These are just some of the techniques that are used. There are other high pressure techniques that work. And they usually work in circumstances that require little money or short commitment.

To fight these type of sales tactics I make a decision of what I want. For the price that I want and I stick to it. I'm willing to let go and move on and I don't become emotionally attached. I acknowledge the tactic while it's being used. It makes it easier for me to say no. People get tied up in trying to make the sales person like them. They end up committing to something they didn't want in the first place. So it's important to make all of the important decisions before hand. Tell the sales person that you need time to think it over. This allows you to pull away from the pressure of making a decision now. And absolutely do not hold the item over night. This usually happens in car sales. Don't take it home, you'll get emotionally attached. After that you will begin justifying the purchase.

You buy emotionally first, then you justify the purchase with logic. I hope this post is helpful. And have a great time haggling those sales people!

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